Hunted by the Plot

Typically, the Player Characters drive the plots of our Tabletop RPGs forward. And they should! The story is ABOUT them and their adventures, after all! The world should react to them and their choices accordingly. However, this isn’t always the case… Sometimes, the “hunters” become the “hunted,” and – for better or worse – the characters are put in a position to react to the plot happening TO them rather than BECAUSE OF them. Perhaps they’ve angered a powerful foe who now hunts them? Perhaps they’ve recovered a powerful item that the villain seeks to keep it from them? Or, perhaps even, our Player Characters are NOT the “good guys” in the story, and are sought by the law for their crimes! This week, Sara and Rob discuss how to handle a Reactive style of storytelling, and how it differs in narrative flow from the typical Proactive style of play.

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